TikToker goes viral with emotional reaction to passing bar exams after grandparents re-mortgaged their home to cover her law school fees

A TikTok featuring an aspiring barrister finding out she has passed her bar exams has gone mega viral, racking up nearly 9 million views in just four days.

Cardiff-based Seren Lewis filmed herself and her grandparents opening her bar results, capturing the emotional moment when the trio received the good news.

Lewis studied the LLB and her masters in Manchester before going on to complete the bar course with The University of Law.

“Passing the bar and qualifying as a barrister is my biggest accomplishment to date,” Lewis says in the caption. “However it would have never happened without my grandparents who I can only be forever grateful for. Taking me in at 2 years old and retiring early to care for a toddler was the most selfless act anyone could have done for me.”

The aspiring barrister continues:

“Bar school is extremely expensive and is still so inaccessible to the majority of people living in the UK. To be able to attend, they decided to remortgage their house that they had paid off so many years ago and without that, I would not be where I am today.”

The video has so far been viewed nearly 9 million times and and received more than 15k comments. “I’m literally crying for you,” says one, while many others congratulated Lewis on her achievement.