Sophia Loren Charms in De Sica’s “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” (1963)

1963 saw Sophia Loren shine in Vittorio De Sica’s comedic anthology film, “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” The movie unfolds in three distinct parts, each featuring Loren in a captivating role.

Her characters navigate the complexities of life and love in post-war Italy. From a resourceful woman bartering intimacy for survival in Naples to a Milanese socialite grappling with adultery, Loren portrays them all with wit and vibrancy.

De Sica’s masterful direction, coupled with Loren’s undeniable talent, creates a film that is both humorous and poignant. “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” secured Loren’s status as an international star and earned the film an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.