ABC General Hospital Next Week Spoilers May 20 – 24 | GH 2024 || It is time to say goodbye to Gregory

Shocking Actions and Broken Trust

The residents of Port Charles are still reeling from Sunny’s recent violent outburst. This incident has particularly shaken Christina, who has always placed immense trust in her father. This may be the first time she feels deeply disappointed in him. Despite her turmoil, Blaze urges Christina to focus on her health for the sake of her unborn baby rather than letting anger consume her.

Dante’s Moral Dilemma

Meanwhile, Dante finds himself in a difficult situation, torn between his duty as a police officer and his loyalty as a son. Sunny’s actions deserve to be punished by the law, but Dante’s instinct is to protect his father. In the past, Dante has stood by Sunny, but this time, the conflict within him is more pronounced. As a cop, he feels compelled to issue a stern warning to his father, reflecting the seriousness of the situation.

Anna’s Quest for Justice

Anna is resolute in her mission to bring Sunny’s crimes to light. Despite Carly’s desperate attempts to shield Sunny, Anna remains undeterred. Carly believes Sunny’s bipolar disorder is causing him to lose control, but Anna is committed to handling the situation impartially. As Carly battles to protect Sunny, Anna’s determination signifies a brewing conflict that could have far-reaching consequences.

The Medication Mystery

Adding to the tension, Avil is conducting an investigation into a medication swap that has raised suspicions. Jason is also seeking the truth about the pills Sunny has been taking, hoping to uncover crucial information. This quest for answers is critical for everyone involved, except for Valentin, who seems to have his own reasons for wanting the truth to remain hidden.

Valentin’s Predicament

Speaking of Valentin, he finds himself entangled in a new plot. Brennan, a former executive of a shadowy organization, Pikeman, pressures Valentin to secure his release from police custody. The stakes are high as Brennan threatens the safety of Valentin’s daughter, Charlotte, if he fails. This new twist adds another layer of complexity to Valentin’s life, as he navigates the treacherous waters of old alliances and new threats.

Mourning Gregory’s Passing

Next week, the atmosphere in Port Charles will be particularly somber with the passing of Gregory. His family, especially his sons, Chase and Finn, struggle to come to terms with their loss, despite having braced themselves for this possibility. Liz steps in to provide much-needed comfort to the grieving family. Tracy, another person deeply affected by Gregory’s death, finds solace in the unexpected support from Cody and Stella during her dark moments.

New Faces and Potential Romances

Amidst the gloom, new connections are forming in Port Charles. Gio Vany, a newcomer to town, is enjoying his time and soon crosses paths with Trina. The young violinist is immediately taken by Trina’s kindness and warmth, sparking speculation about a potential romance. This development suggests that Curtis’s daughter might be ready to move forward, perhaps distancing herself from her association with Spencer, whose fate remains uncertain.

The Unpredictable Twists of GH

General Hospital (GH) is known for its unexpected twists, and fans are left wondering about Spencer’s potential return. Just when it seemed that Trina might be moving on, the possibility of Spencer coming back into the picture looms large. This potential storyline could rekindle old flames and introduce new dynamics, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.


As Port Charles navigates through a week of intense emotions and dramatic developments, the residents must grapple with their personal dilemmas and the broader consequences of their actions. From Christina’s heartbreak and Dante’s moral conflict to Anna’s relentless pursuit of justice and the looming threats against Valentin, each storyline intertwines to create a rich tapestry of intrigue and suspense. Amidst the sorrow of Gregory’s passing, new connections and potential romances offer a glimmer of hope, reminding viewers that in Port Charles, every ending is a prelude to a new beginning.