Felicia finds out about Luke’s existence – General Hospital News

In a gripping new twist on General Hospital, fans are reeling from the revelation that Luke Spencer, long presumed dead, might still be alive. The discovery comes as Felicia and Carly embark on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth behind Bobbie Spencer’s mysterious death in Amsterdam.

The intrigue begins when Monica Quartermaine reveals that Bobbie did not die of natural causes but was, in fact, poisoned. This revelation sends Carly and Felicia on a mission to Amsterdam, where they navigate a labyrinth of clues and cryptic messages.

Their investigation soon hints at a shocking possibility: Luke’s disappearance was not what it seemed, and he might be alive, abducted and hidden away as part of a larger conspiracy​

As they delve deeper into the mystery, Carly and Felicia face numerous dangers, from elusive adversaries to the complexities of international intrigue. Their quest for answers is fraught with peril, and the stakes are raised even higher when they uncover links between Bobbie’s death and Luke’s potential survival.

Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Sonny sends Dex to protect Carly, adding another layer of tension to the unfolding drama​

The storyline promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, blending suspense, emotional depth, and the classic twists that General Hospital is known for. As Carly and Felicia race against time, the question remains: will they uncover the truth before it’s too late? And what will the revelation about Luke mean for everyone in Port Charles?

Stay tuned for more updates as this thrilling arc continues to unfold, bringing new surprises and dramatic turns to the beloved soap opera​