FULL | General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, May 21, 2024 || Dex loses his ability to see? Kristina’s shock

Sonny Corinthos, a character long known for his complex nature and tumultuous history, recently exhibited a violent outburst that has left those around him shaken and concerned. This sudden display of aggression has raised questions and fears, not only for Sonny’s well-being but also for those who are directly impacted by his actions.

Carly’s Concerns: Bipolar Disorder and Medication

Carly Spencer, Sonny’s ex-wife, is particularly alarmed by his loss of control. She attributes his behavior to issues with his bipolar disorder treatment. On Tuesday, Carly confronts Sonny and persuades him to undergo a blood test, convinced that there is a problem with his medication. However, Sonny insists that he is taking his medicine regularly and that there is nothing to worry about. Despite his reassurances, Sonny is unaware of how terrifying his behavior appears to those around him.

Jason’s Investigation into Sonny’s Meds

Jason Morgan, a close associate and friend of Sonny, understands that a straightforward conversation with his former boss is unlikely to yield results. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Jason decides to investigate the medications Sonny is using. Viewers of the show anticipate that Jason and Carly might discover that Sonny’s meds are counterfeit. If this is the case, it would explain his recent instability and unpredictable behavior. Meanwhile, Ava Jerome holds crucial information that could shed light on the truth behind Sonny’s current state, but she remains tight-lipped, leaving others in the dark.

Dex’s Unease and Jos’ Warning

After a recent altercation, Dex finds himself bandaged and feeling uneasy about Sonny’s actions. Jos, familiar with Sonny’s tendency to lash out at those he despises, cautions Dex to be more vigilant in the future. The situation raises the stakes for Dex, who is now grappling with the fear of becoming Sonny’s next target. Anna Devane, soon to be informed about the incident at a recent wedding, advises Dex to consider reporting Sonny to the authorities. However, Dex is torn, uncertain whether he should let Sonny face the consequences of his actions or protect him.

Kristina’s Shock and TJ’s Comfort

The most affected by Sonny’s aggression is Kristina Corinthos, his daughter. Known for her unwavering pride and faith in her father, Kristina is devastated by his behavior. The incident, however, is mitigated by Blaze, whose timely intervention ensures that Kristina receives the medical attention she needs, safeguarding the well-being of her unborn child. Kristina, now grappling with a new and unsettling perception of her father, finds solace in TJ Ashford. TJ comforts her and emphasizes the importance of rest and relaxation for the sake of her baby, trying to restore some semblance of peace to her troubled mind.

Dante’s Dilemma

Meanwhile, Sonny seeks help from his son Dante Falconeri, who finds himself caught in a moral quandary. As a police officer, Dante is bound by duty to uphold the law, but his filial loyalty to his father complicates matters. Sonny’s involvement in a fight that could lead to legal repercussions places Dante in a difficult position. He must choose between siding with his father or fulfilling his responsibilities as a law enforcement officer. The weight of fairness and familial piety presses heavily on Dante, who ultimately turns to his confidant, Sam McCall, for advice and support.

Alexis and Diane’s Legal Pursuits

In another corner of Port Charles, Alexis Davis is gearing up for a significant challenge. Aspiring to reclaim her legal career, Alexis faces numerous obstacles. However, with the help of her friend and skilled attorney, Diane Miller, there is hope. Diane’s expertise and determination provide a glimmer of optimism that Alexis might overcome the hurdles ahead and achieve her goal. The journey is expected to be tough, but the bond between Alexis and Diane showcases a powerful alliance that could triumph over adversity.

Conclusion: A Time of Turmoil and Hope

The recent events surrounding Sonny Corinthos have sent ripples of fear, uncertainty, and hope throughout the lives of those connected to him. Carly’s insistence on a medical explanation, Jason’s investigative efforts, Dex’s caution, Kristina’s emotional turmoil, Dante’s ethical dilemma, and Alexis’s professional aspirations all intertwine in a complex web of personal and familial relationships. As the characters navigate their respective challenges, viewers are left on edge, eagerly awaiting the next developments in this gripping storyline. The strength of these characters and their connections highlights the enduring themes of loyalty, love, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers as the drama continues to unfold, keeping fans captivated and invested in the ever-evolving world of General Hospital.