General Hospital Spoilers: A Heartbreaking Loss Looms Over Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers - Sonny- Dex

The General Hospital spoilers and preview video for the past week (May 13-17, 2024) had everyone on the edge of their seats. The shock on Chase’s face as he turned to Brook Lynn, clubbed with the voiceover of somebody losing a lot of blood made us think that we were going to get a red wedding.

But that was an absolute misdirection. General Hospital spoilers recall that the voiceover was actually for Jack Brennan, who stabbed himself to look like he got attacked. Perhaps, part of his grand escape plan. This means that Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding was actually nothing but a happy affair!

General Hospital spoilers - Brennan
GH/ Brennan stabs himself

However, that does not discount the fact that a threat still looms over Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers confirm that a tragic and heartbreaking death is most certainly a big part of May Sweeps. But with just 10 days left of May, whoever this person is, trade may strike them soon.

Who could it be? General Hospital Spoilers say that after the recent beating that Sonny gave Dex, all eyes are going to be on the mobster, thus, chances are he won’t make an attempt at Dex again anytime soon. Previously, Valentin and Brennan decided to eliminate Jason. However, we doubt GH would kill Jason off so soon after his return. So no, not an option!

General Hospital Spoilers-Jason
GH/ Could there be an attempt on Jason’s life?

Going by the latest General Hospital spoilers, Brennan has already survived his self-inflicted stabbing. Thus, we are left with only one option – Gregory Chase. So, are we about to watch him succumb to his ALS? Or will GH throw in a curveball with someone else’s shock death? Tell us in the comments.General Hospital spoilers - GregoryGH/ Will Gregory lose his life to ALS?